Virtual Reality Can Help To Treat Mental Health Illnesses

The human brain is the most complex structure in the world. This makes diagnosing mental health disorders a huge challenge. However, virtual reality may provide an unlikely alternative to current treatment for mental health disorders. Continue reading

EU Outlines 7 Key Steps For Developing Trustworthy AI

AI ethics is currently one of the most hotly debated topics regarding all emerging technologies.  The rise of AI has prompted concerns surrounding employment rights, bias and even basic human rights. Ensuring trustworthy AI is key to the technologies future for good.

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5 Programming Languages Every Big Data Enthusiast Should Embrace

There are hundreds of programming languages, each one with their own set of features and uses., but for a data professional to be a success they will probably need to become familiar with more than one of these languages.

However, some programming languages are more useful than others depending on the domain. So the question must be asked… Continue reading

Personal Data: How The Perception Has Changed in 2019

In 2018, Facebook was embroiled in one of the biggest controversies of the year with the Cambridge Analytica scandal, in which the personal data of 50 million Facebook users had their rights violated. Continue reading

Data Science Ireland April Recap: Bias in Training Data, Investigative Intelligence and Robots!

On a wet Wednesday evening in Dublin, we enjoyed another batch of thought-provoking presentations from Ireland’s leading experts for another fantastic Data Science Ireland meetup at the Dublin Chamber of Commerce.

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Will Access To AI Become A New Human Right?

From agriculture to manufacturing and healthcare, AI-human collaboration is already influencing many industries in a lot of ways. Not since the rise of the internet has a technology threatened to change our world on such a global scale.

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The Future Data Scientist Will Have A More Specialised Skillset

As data science continues to evolve, the future data scientist may well look very different also. Right now, talented data scientists are rare and extremely coveted, mostly due to the diverse and subsequently unique skillset that companies are looking for. Continue reading

World’s Leading AI Experts To Meet in Dublin This April

The first of its kind in Europe, the Adapt Centre and the NSAI will host the International standardisation committee’s first plenary meeting. It is hoped that this opportunity can be used to really showcase Ireland as an “AI island.”

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The Role Of Big Data In The Fight Against Anti-Vaxxers

Very recently, data gathered from nearly 600,000 Danish children squashed links between the MMR (Measles, Mumps and Rubella) vaccination and autism. The study is similar to the one carried out in 2002 by the same team of scientists.

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This Amazing New Interview Robot Combats Unconscious Bias

Making assumptions about peoples competence based on gender, ethnicity, voice, education or appearance. This is unconscious bias and for a company, it can be the difference between making a good hire and making a bad one.

But how can we prevent unconscious bias within the hiring process if we are not even aware of it? While there is unconscious bias training, it is quite a complex process and there are still questions to the validity of this kind of ‘sensitivity training’. Continue reading