Bundesliga to adopt AI for improved fan viewing

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Germany's top football league has made the move to adopt the cloud-based AI service AWS in order to enable more personalised fan experiences.

The league will utilise artificial intelligence, machine learning, analytics, database and storage services to deliver real-time statistics. This will help them make in-play match predictions as well as recommend more personalised match footage across mobile, online, streaming and television broadcasts.

The Bundesliga, which has a rapidly growing global fanbase, will now use AWS technology to build new cloud-based services that automate processes, increase operational efficiency and enhance the viewing experience.

Through live data and over 10,000 hours of historical data, they plan to leverage the technology to offer fans personalised game footage, marketing promotions and search results based on their favourite teams, players or matches.

Using other AWS Machine Learning services, including Amazon Rekognition – an intelligent image and video analysis service – the Bundesliga are also planning to build a cloud-based media archive. This will automatically tag specific frames, from its more than 150,000 hours of video, with metadata such as game, jersey, player, team and venue.

As a result, the league will easily be able to search historical footage and surface pivotal plays for in-game broadcasts in more than 200 countries.

We are extremely excited to be working alongside AWS to develop the next generation of football viewing experience,” Christian Seifert, CEO of Bundesliga.

AWS has announced deals with Major League Baseball, NASCAR and Formula 1 over the past 18 months. The latter has particularly become a flagship customer, with technical director Ross Brawn taking to the stage at re:Invent 2018 to discuss the ‘F1 Insights Powered By AWS’ launch, including exploring telemetry data and high-performance computing (HPC) environments.

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