How to Turn your Job Interview into a Job Offer


How do you turn a Job Interview into a Job Offer? Alldus’ Sales Team Manager Anthony Kelly offers his eight key tips to data scientists and AI Engineers on how you can nail your job interview!

1)     Research the company you are interviewing with.

a.      Know what they do?

b.      Research the manager on LinkedIn

c.      Review the job spec

2)     When interviewing, use the STAR Interview technique

a.      S – Situation

b.     T – Task

c.      A – Action

d.     R – Result

Give an example from your work to every question you are asked.

Bad Example:

Manager – What is your experience with Python?

Interviewer – I use Python every day. I’m a good programmer


Good Example:

Manager – What is your experience with Python?

Interviewer – In my recent project, I had to create ML packets using Python to automate data coming in from multiple sources. I was responsible for creating new features and packets with Python to provide the right data pipelines for the ML loads. I started by programming Python scripts to extract data from multiple API’s, then I created automated Jenkins pipelines for them to processes data from the multiple sources into the correct formats. When this project was finished, we had an automated solution for getting clean data coming through from multiple sources.

“Take them on the journey you went through”

3)     Repeat step two for all technical Questions i.e. ETL, Big Data, AWS, Spark, Scala, etc…

4)     Practice, Practice, Practice

a.      Barcelona or Real Madrid don’t go onto the pitch just to play a game, they train every week and all year round. To be the best you can be an interview, practice.

b.      Record yourself and listen back

c.      Try it in the mirror

d.      Rate your own answers!

5)     Prepare at least 5 questions to ask at the end of the interview.

a.      What challenges do you face in your environment?

b.      What way do you see the trends in technology affecting your environment?

c.      What new skills will I learn while working here?

6)     Tell them you’re interested in the role!

a.      Pick out points from the interview you liked and let them know you like the opportunity. This could weigh in heavily if it’s between yourself and another candidate competing for the same role.

7)     If you get asked what your biggest challenge or mistake is, DO NOT BE THE PERSON WHO HAS NEVER BEEN CHALLENGED OR MADE A MISTAKE.

a.     They are looking to get a feel for how you learn and develop; The bigger the mistake, the more you learn not to do it again!

8)     Don’t be talking about what the team done all the time, the hiring manager will want to know what was your individual contribution to the whole thing.


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