Weekly Roundup: Finland plans to teach five million Europeans basic AI plus more

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Here are all the hottest stories from a week of AI and Data Science...

Irish government to invest €49m in data analytics and AI

An investment of €49 million was announced this week through Science Foundation Ireland in the Insight SFI Research Centre for Data Analytics. A further €100m will be secured through industry and other international sources. Through this new investment, Insight will continue its research via a set of three demonstrator projects under the themes - Augmented Human, Smart Enterprise and Sustainable Societies

 Minister Heather Humphreys said about the investment; "Many traditional job roles are changing, and with Brexit and other international challenges on the horizon, we must continue to plan ahead, focus on what is within our control domestically and be the masters of our own destiny. Insight is playing an important role in our plans to prepare now for tomorrow’s world by keeping Ireland at the cutting edge of innovation in this important sector."

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Deep Learning assisted MRI's aid in the detection of ADHD

A recent study has highlighted the ability of Deep Learning to boost the power of MRI's when it comes to the detection of attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD). By improving diagnostic accuracy, deep-learning-aided MRI-based diagnosis could be critical in implementing early interventions for ADHD patients.

The approach also has potential beyond ADHD, according to Dr. He.

"This model can be generalized to other neurological deficiencies," she said. "We already use it to predict cognitive deficiency in pre-term infants. We scan them soon after birth to predict neurodevelopmental outcomes at two years of age."

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Top tech skill trends revealed

A recent report outlines the top three tech skill trends of 2019, with data science skills heavily featured. The rise of Big Data tools such as Spark and TensorFlow continued in 2019, with programming languages suited to big data dominating the leader board. Python and R grew by 12% and 6% over the last year alone. Other tech skill trends include, Javascript innovation, cloud computing and containerization.

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Google implements AI and machine learning to improve story suggestions in Google Search. 

In a blog post this morning, the tech giant announced that users in the U.S. in English (with more languages and locations to come in the next few months) who search for a news topic will now see an article carousel at the top of the results page. “People come to Search for all types of information to help them form a better understanding of the world and the topics they care about most,” wrote Google Search product manager Duncan Osborn.

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Finland to teach 1% of Europeans basic AI

This week Finland announced their plans to educate over 5 million Europeans in the basics of AI through an online course, the ambitious project stems from their own domestic success in educating 55,000 of the Finnish population in just a few months. This project aligns with the European Unions current push for wide deployment of AI education throughout, in order to lessen the gap between Asia and the US.

“It is therefore vital that more and more individuals can understand how different solutions work and what they can be used for,” said Ville Valtonen, Managing Director at tech firm Reaktor Education, which created the course with Helsinki University.

220,000 people from 110 countries have already enrolled.

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