Weekly Roundup: NFL looks to ML for improving player safety and more

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Here are the hottest stories of the week from the world of AI and Data Science...

Amazon Web Services launch SageMaker Studio

The web-based IDE has everything a data scientist needs to get started, including ways to organize notebooks, data sets, code and models.

What makes the studio unique is its ability to share projects and folders with others who are working on the same projects. In addition to Studio, AWS also today announced a number of other updates to SageMaker that are integrated into Studio. These include a debugger, a monitoring tool and Autopilot.

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Accenture report shows that only 16% of companies have AI working for them at scale.

This is not from a lack of trying, however. Many companies are simply stuck in dead-end pilots with less than one in five companies actually applying Artificial Intelligence at scale, highlighting how difficult this transformation is as well as what it takes to do it successfully.

"Our research indicates that moving to the Industrialized for Growth stage will enable competitive differentiation, which is correlated with significantly higher financial results," said Bob Berkey, MD, Accenture Applied Intelligence.

CEOs need to accomplish these three tasks to reach the growth stage of AI:

  • Master the data set
  • Make AI a team sport
  • Focus on the I in ROI

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Deep learning shows potential to improve chest X-ray interpretation

Deep learning, a sophisticated type of AI in which the computer can be trained to recognize subtle patterns, has the potential to improve chest X-ray interpretation, but it too has limitations.

Researchers at Google Health developed deep learning models for chest X-ray interpretation that overcome some of these limitations. They used two large datasets to develop, train and test the models.

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NFL Looks To Cloud And Machine Learning To Improve Player Safety

Amazon Web Services will provide artificial intelligence and machine learning tools to the NFL. This comes in the wake of a pact made with the Seattle Seahawks last week.

A deal has been struck with the NFL to use its technology to address concussions and other devastating injuries. Another great example of AI for good.

Working with NFL data scientists, AWS will develop a platform named 'Digital Athlete'.

The league's doctors will also use other data like equipment choice, playing surface, play type, environmental factors, aggregated and anonymized player injury information and player position to better understand how to treat or rehabilitate injuries.

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AI helps find signs of heart disease on lung cancer screens

The Cardiovascular Imaging Research Center (CIRC) at Massachusetts General Hospital (MGH) in Boston recently developed and tested a technique that uses deep learning, a sophisticated type of AI, to automatically measure coronary artery calcium on chest CT images.

The results showed that the deep learning-derived coronary artery calcium scores corresponded closely to those of human readers.

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That's all for this weeks folks, we look forward to bringing you the latest developments in AI and Data Science at the same time next week. See you then!

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