4 reasons to choose a career in recruitment as a graduate

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After years of studying and long nights completing assignments, you are about to or have just recently graduated. Now, you start to wonder 'What's next?'.

It's a very natural thought process, as choosing a definite career path is the next big decision in your life. Once a degree is in hand and you have given yourself a quick pat on the back, it's time to really start evaluating what kind of life you want to have? What are your strengths and weaknesses? and the sometimes dreaded - Where do you want to be in five years?

While the graduate market is very competitive, you shouldn't just jump at the first offer that comes your way.

It is estimated that the global recruitment market will be worth upwards of $300BN by 2025, a 50% increase from the 2020's valuation.

Look at the IT  industry. Experts have forecasted a 3.7% increase in market share this year with AI (Artificial Intelligence) and cloud computing a continuing trend.

With this kind of growth, organisations are enlisting the help of expert recruiters even more as they struggle to fend off competitors to the best talent on the market.

If that's not reason enough to begin a career in recruitment, here are some more...

1. Accelerated career progression

This is an industry in which professionals are judged on performance – not by time served or waiting for the next rung in the ladder coming available. While you should be realistic with your ambitions, it's not uncommon to see those five-year targets smashed in a fraction of the time.

2.  High remuneration

There are strong financial incentives for performance, meaning talented recruiters can be very well remunerated. The more successful you are in delivering the recruitment solutions clients need - and hitting your targets - the better you'll be rewarded.

3. Scope for development

Recruitment agencies invest in their staff knowing they are potentially the business leaders of the future. There will be scope for training, coaching and mentorship, in order to help you come onboard successfully, to become acclimatised to the industry and develop your career.

4. Variety of work

Recruiting is a varied role in which no two days are ever the same. As a consultant, you've got targets to hit, but you've also got a degree of autonomy and flexibility. On any given day, you could be out and about meeting clients and candidates, negotiating contract rates, attending events, running interview sessions or trying to finalise important deals.

4. A massive challenge

Not everyone can thrive as a recruitment consultant. You need to be an independent-minded self-starter, have a high level of confidence and developed communication and influencing skills. It also pays to be driven, creative, flexible and resilient. The job can be challenging, but there can be immense job satisfaction.

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