AI Technology: China Set For World Domination?

By 2030 China plan to be the world leaders in AI technology.

As Eric Schmidt, Executive Chairman at Google has explained, “It’s pretty simple. By 2020, they will have caught up. By 2025, they will be better than us. By 2030, they will dominate the industries of AI.

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A Basic Guide to Natural Language Processing.

Humans communicate through words. Unfortunately, computers do not. This makes it difficult for a computer to understand our natural language. They see our words as a form of “unstructured data” and are unable to process this kind of data effectively.

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Data Science Ireland Review: An Evening of Emotions, Trees and Data Mining

It was a packed house at Huckletree last Wednesday evening as more inspirational speakers presented their fascinating insights at the first Data Science Ireland meetup of 2019.

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5 Reasons Why It’s So Important To Embrace AI In Marketing

Artificial Intelligence was once thought of as something that only major corporations could afford.

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How AI Will Put Food On The Table In The Future

In the future, drones robots and intelligent monitoring systems will undoubtedly revolutionise the farming industry.  New “ultra-precision” agriculture will largely be responsible for filling your shopping baskets. Continue reading

Counter Offer? Why You Should Never Accept One

It’s possible that when you accept a new job offer and hand in your notice that your current employer will make a counter offer in order to incentivize you to stay.

This typically comes in the form of an increased salary and benefits package. So you might be wondering how should I handle this?

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Data Scientist: How Best to Approach the Hiring Process?

It is very clear that data is changing our world, from medicine and agriculture to manufacturing and gaming.

In this article, I offer my advice on how to get a job that allows you to become a part of that change as a Data Scientist.

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Data Science – A Promising Future Proof Career?

Data Scientists are currently one of the most competitive markets for large corporations in terms of recruitment.

Why? There is an enormous skills gap meaning that there is a lack of talented and educated professionals out there who are able to fill these roles.

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3 Amazing Ways AI Could Help Mental Health in Ireland

In terms of mental health, Ireland ranks joint third out of  36 European countries with some 18.5 per cent of the Irish population recorded as having a mental health disorder.

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How to get your CV to Stand out among the stack

What is the worst thing about applying for a job? Is it the hours that goes into updating your CV, the time you spend applying for jobs or spending all that time not to get any feedback?

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