4 Ways AI Technology Can Increase Your Marketing Efforts

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There are approximately 2.8 billion active social media users, nearly four million blog posts and 500 million tweets every day.

With this kind of saturation, marketers are becoming ever more creative in how they attract, capture and nurture leads. Are there any other non-creative ways in which a marketer can gain an edge on their competitors?

Artificial Intelligence has the answer. This emerging technology is constantly increasing the levels of automation throughout almost every industry and marketing is no exception. AI has the amazing ability to empower your marketing team to shine through the overwhelming congestion that is rampant throughout the web and social media.

AI is already generating substantial ROI for businesses as worldwide spending on AI systems is forecast to reach $35.8 billion in 2019, an increase of 44.0% over the amount spent in 2018.

Here are four ways AI marketing can benefit your business...

1. Customer Service/ Social Engagement

All businesses of any size must make strides towards more effective customer service in order to retain their valuable customers. Even before a sale is made,  a consumer's perceived level of service and engagement has a huge bearing on repeat sales and more importantly, creating those highly coveted die-hard fans who are completely loyal to your brand.

Intelligent messaging powered by AI has the power to improve the overall engagement experience for your customers. Automated intelligent messaging technology can register customer feedback and suggest items based on their individual buying habits. It can also compile consumer insights from each interaction.

2. Determining Your Ideal Customer

Before you can start to acquire those die-hard fans, you must first identify them as potential customers. The more you know about your ideal market, the easier it is to sell your product or service. AI does an exceptional job of collecting data about your audience, which allows you to create a precise buyer persona. With this customer profiling process, your marketing department gains a clear understanding of a prospect's habits, spending motives and common questions.

This type of information is invaluable in regards to your overall marketing strategy, in particular when creating personalised social media marketing campaigns. For example, Hubspot have their own very useful and free buyer persona tool.

3.  Discovering the perception of your brand through social media monitoring.

Understanding how your brand is being perceived is a vital aspect in understanding your buyer personas and the most suitable techniques for an enhanced engagement experience. Marketers must always be aware of what their target market is talking about on social media in regards to their brand.

A great tool for social media monitoring is Crimson Hexagon, which is an AI marketing platform that automates the discovery and delivery of social media insights. AI marketing tools like Crimson Hexagon and others should allow marketers to do the following:

  • Recognize thought influencers
  • Identify customer segments
  • Select trending phrases and/or topics
  • Segregate customer information
  • Listen for specific brand mentions

4. Optimising your content

As I outlined at the beginning of this post, the web and social media are flooded with companies all desperate for consumer attention. It is vital that your content is given the best chance at shining through your competitors and really hits home for your target audience. AI marketing technology optimizes your content based on key insights and in-depth analysis.

This helps boost your visibility and also drives traffic to your website. Market Muse, for example, is a fantastic tool that can perform an AI-powered automated content SWOT analysis.

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