Senior/Staff/Lead ML Engineer

New York

  Machine Learning


o solve climate change, wealth inequality, supply chain stability, and national security we must change how our global supply chains work. We are a Trusted Commerce Platform built on a shared source of truth for the global supply chain. Our purpose is to enable resilient, sustainable, secure, and inclusive global commerce: Globalization 2.0.


We have built a layer of shared intelligence across the world’s supply chain information: a living map of trillions of dollars of B2B commercial activity, covering 400M companies connected by billions of shipments. This knowledge graph powers our Trusted Commerce Platform which, after only three years since founding, is already used by many of the world’s most important governments, enterprises, and logistics providers.


We are seeking exceptional engineers to join our Engineering team. You’ll work closely with our Data Scientists on projects to analyze and observe world-scale datasets, write code that can scale to produce never before seen insights, and construct APIs to deliver our product vision.


Specific experience developing and deploying Entity Resolution/Natural Language Clustering platforms is preferred.