Workday Solution Engineer


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Job: Workday Solutions Engineer
Location: Ireland (Remote)
Duration: 6 months
Day Rate: High

This is an immediate requirement for a Workday Solutions Engineer supporting customers across Ireland. Your job will involve working with Workday's reporting and analytics capabilities, particularly focusing on Prism. You will be responsible for leveraging big data analytics in a cloud infrastructure environment. This is an initial 6 month contract engagement (remote within Ireland) with a high chance of extension.

Key Responsibilities:
– Reporting and Prism: Utilize Workday’s reporting features and Prism analytics tool to create insightful reports and dashboards for stakeholders. Develop custom reports and provide recommendations for data visualization.
– Big Data Analytics: Apply big data analytics techniques to extract valuable insights from large datasets. Use advanced analytics methods to identify trends, patterns, and correlations in the data.
– Cloud Infrastructure: Work with cloud infrastructure technologies to store, process, and analyze data efficiently. Leverage cloud-based tools and platforms to optimize data processing and storage.
– Spark and Hadoop: Utilize Apache Spark and Hadoop frameworks to process and analyze large-scale data sets. Develop efficient data pipelines and implement data transformations using Spark and Hadoop ecosystem technologies.
– Multi-tenanted Big Data Applications: Design and develop multi-tenanted big data applications that can handle concurrent access and provide secure data segregation. Implement data access controls and ensure scalability and performance of the applications.
– Java Development: Utilize Java programming language to build custom integrations and extend Workday functionality. Develop integrations with external systems and ensure seamless data flow between different applications.

Key Skills and Qualifications:
– Strong experience with Workday reporting and Prism analytics.
– Proficiency in big data analytics techniques and tools.
– In-depth knowledge of cloud infrastructure technologies and platforms.
– Hands-on experience with Spark and Hadoop frameworks.
– Familiarity with developing multi-tenanted big data applications.
– Strong programming skills in Java for integration and customization tasks.
– Excellent problem-solving and analytical thinking abilities.
– Effective communication and collaboration skills.
– Experience in working remotely and managing projects independently.
Please note that all applicants must be based within Ireland in order to be considered for this vacancy.