ServiceNow Architect – Telecommunications ( contract)

Cambridge, Massachusetts

  ServiceNow - Architect


Company Overview:

Alldus International is a leading IT consultancy driving digital transformation and delivering innovative solutions to clients worldwide. We specialize in ServiceNow implementations, empowering businesses to optimize their service management processes. As pioneers in the industry, we foster a culture of innovation, collaboration, and continuous learning.

Position: ServiceNow Architect – Telecommunications  $100-$110/hr

Job Summary:

Are you a seasoned ServiceNow Architect with a passion for revolutionizing service management in the telecommunications sector? Join our dynamic team at Alldus International, where you will play a critical role in architecting transformative ServiceNow solutions tailored to the unique needs of the telecommunications industry. Leveraging your extensive expertise in ITSM, ITAM, FSM, CSM, TSM, along with profound knowledge of TSM/TSOM, and esteemed certifications, you will lead and execute projects that redefine service management in telecommunications.


  1. ServiceNow Architecture: Design cutting-edge ServiceNow solutions that integrate ITSM, ITAM, FSM, CSM, and TSM modules, driving operational excellence and seamless service delivery in the telecommunications sector.

  2. Telecommunications Industry Expertise: Utilize your 5+ years of experience working in the telecommunications industry to deeply understand industry processes and challenges. Translate telecommunications-specific requirements into technical specifications for ServiceNow implementations.

  3. Technical Leadership: Leverage your 8 years of ServiceNow experience, including 5 years of Architect experience, to provide technical direction and guidance to project teams. Drive successful and scalable ServiceNow solutions.

  4. TSM/TSOM Knowledge: Demonstrate your proficiency in TSM and TSOM modules, implementing seamless integration and optimizing telecommunications service management processes.

  5. Certification Expertise: Your Certified System Administrator and Certified Application Developer certifications, along with at least two other relevant certifications, will be instrumental in delivering high-quality and compliant solutions.

  6. Requirements Gathering: Collaborate with telecommunications stakeholders, business analysts, and end-users to gather requirements and translate them into scalable, user-friendly ServiceNow solutions.

  7. Quality Assurance: Conduct rigorous testing and validation of ServiceNow implementations to ensure they meet industry standards and exceed client expectations.

  8. Training and Support: Provide comprehensive training to end-users and client administrators on the usage and maintenance of ServiceNow solutions. Offer ongoing support and technical assistance as needed.


  1. Education: Bachelor's degree in Computer Science, Information Technology, or a related field.

  2. Experience:

    • 5+ years of working experience in the telecommunications industry.
    • 8 years of practical experience with ServiceNow platform, including 5 years of Architect experience.
  3. Certifications:

    • Certified System Administrator in ServiceNow.
    • Certified Application Developer in ServiceNow.
    • At least two other relevant ServiceNow certifications.
  4. Technical Skills:

    • Expertise in ServiceNow ITSM, ITAM, FSM, CSM, and TSM modules.
    • Profound knowledge of TSM and TSOM modules, optimizing telecommunications service management.
  5. Analytical and Innovative Thinking: Demonstrated ability to analyze complex challenges and devise innovative solutions.

  6. Communication: Exceptional communication skills, both verbal and written, with the ability to articulate technical concepts effectively.

  7. Leadership: Strong leadership and project management skills to drive successful project outcomes.