Computer Vision Engineer (Python Developer)

Chicago, Illinois

  Machine Learning


The company is seeking two (2) highly skilled Python Engineers with expertise in Computer Vision to join our team. This role involves contributing to the advancement of our bio-metric capture systems, which are integral to bio-metric authentication across our network. The selected candidates will play a crucial part in the development of computer vision software. Their responsibilities will encompass the capture and processing of hand images, which serve as inputs for our bio-metric matching system. Additionally, they will collaborate with various sensors and hardware components within our bio-metric devices.
Key Responsibilities:

  • Enhance the accuracy, reliability, and performance of the image capture pipeline through continuous design and implementation improvements.
  • Integrate computer vision/machine learning algorithms/models into the software stack of our custom bio-metric scanner (note: model design/building is not within this role's scope).
  • Enhance the design and implementation continually of sensor software and hardware control in the bio-metrics devices
  • Fine-tune python software for apps in embed systems
  • Perform thorough quality assurance analyses and establish automated tools for testing in alignment with this goal.
  • Collab and communicate on product design with engineering teams and product stakeholders


  • Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science, related field Experience, involvement in any kind of Computer Vision project or community
  • Previous work as:
    • Similar role or as python developer
    • With embedded systems or computer vision products
    • Working with Flask or similar frameworks
  • Bonus experience:
    • IoT projects
    • Edge AI projects