Spacecraft Systems Engineer I/II

Long Beach, California

  Infrastructure - Systems Engineer


About the Company:
The Company is an innovative aerospace firm at the forefront of developing advanced technology platforms for space exploration and resource utilization. Our mission is to harness the potential of space through cutting-edge technology and inventive solutions for the betterment of humanity. Our expertise lies in creating sophisticated large-scale space vehicles and technologies that address challenges such as space debris management, object manipulation, deep space investigation, and resource acquisition.

At the Company, we're committed to facilitating the utilization of space resources by providing unparalleled access to celestial bodies near Earth. Our vehicle, currently in development, is designed for object capture, trajectory alteration, and redirection. It boasts versatile capabilities, including orbital debris management and de-orbiting. This next generation of vehicles will ultimately embark on deep space missions aimed at capturing and transporting asteroid resources. This resource accessibility will prove instrumental for both industrial applications and scientific exploration.

Role Summary:
In the position of Spacecraft Engineer with the Company, you will assume a pivotal role in conceptualizing, analyzing, and testing spacecraft systems. Collaborating closely with a diverse team of engineers, you will contribute your expertise to forge ahead with revolutionary spacecraft solutions, pushing the boundaries of space exploration. Your involvement will span from the earliest design stages to the actual launch, critically influencing the success of our ambitious undertakings.

Key Responsibilities:
? Contribute to the design, analysis, and testing of spacecraft systems and their components.
? Work collaboratively across interdisciplinary teams to formulate spacecraft architecture and subsystems.
? Apply simulations and modeling to optimize spacecraft performance and mission feasibility.
? Play a role in the development of propulsion, avionics, thermal, and structural systems.
? Undertake feasibility evaluations and risk appraisals for various space missions.
? Develop technical reports, documentation, and presentations for both internal and external stakeholders.
? Provide support for the integration and testing of spacecraft systems and payloads.
? Keep abreast of industry trends and emerging technologies within the field of space engineering.
? Possess a Bachelor's degree or higher in Aerospace Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, or a related field.
? Demonstrate a comprehensive grasp of spacecraft systems, their components, and their interrelations.
? Exhibit proficiency in using engineering software and tools for analysis, simulation, and design.
? Display adept problem-solving skills and an ability to excel in a collaborative team environment.
? Prior exposure to spacecraft projects, internships, or research experience is advantageous.
? Communicate effectively to convey technical concepts and foster collaboration across teams.
? Showcase a genuine enthusiasm for space exploration and a drive to contribute to groundbreaking missions.
? Demonstrate a strategic mindset and an aptitude for identifying emerging trends and technologies that can enhance spacecraft capabilities.

At the Company, our dedication lies in expanding the boundaries of space exploration and technological advancement. If you share our passion for space and aspire to make a substantial impact in this field, we invite you to become a member of the Company team. Together, we will shape the future of space exploration and unlock the boundless potential of the cosmos.

This role entitles you to the following benefits offered by our company. We place great emphasis on maintaining a healthy work-life balance and promoting the well-being of our team members as we jointly venture into the frontiers of what is achievable.

? Equity participation in the Company
? Comprehensive healthcare, dental, and vision coverage with 80% of premiums covered.
? Life insurance
? Unlimited paid time off
? 401K retirement plan
? Paternity/maternity leave
? Complimentary lunches
? Sponsored programs for exploration and learning