Director of Data Science, Geospatial Analytics

New York

  Data Science



Company Overview: Join a Fortune 50 financial services firm at the forefront of innovation, leveraging cutting-edge technologies and data-driven strategies to optimize decision-making and drive business growth. As a Director of Data Science with a strong focus on Geo-Spatial data, you will lead a high-performing team of data scientists, drive strategic initiatives, and contribute to the success of the organization.

Key Responsibilities:

  1. Leadership and Strategy:

    • Develop and communicate a comprehensive data science strategy aligned with the company’s overall business objectives, with a specialized focus on Geo-Spatial data analytics.
    • Lead and mentor a team of data scientists, providing guidance on technical expertise, project management, and professional development.
  2. Geo-Spatial Data Analysis and Modeling:

    • Utilize advanced analytics techniques to extract insights and patterns from Geo-Spatial data, providing valuable business intelligence and supporting decision-making.
    • Build and deploy complex models and algorithms to solve geo-spatial challenges, integrating data sources such as GPS, satellite imagery, and location-based services.
  3. Technology and Tools:

    • Leverage a diverse set of technologies and tools, including Python, R, SQL, arcGIS, PySpark, and PyTorch, to develop robust and scalable data science solutions.
    • Stay updated with emerging technologies in Geo-Spatial data analysis and continuously enhance the team’s technical capabilities.
  4. Collaboration and Stakeholder Engagement:

    • Collaborate with cross-functional teams and stakeholders to identify business requirements and ensure data science initiatives align with organizational needs and objectives.
    • Translate complex technical findings into actionable insights and recommendations for both technical and non-technical stakeholders.
  5. Project Management and Execution:

    • Oversee end-to-end project lifecycle, from project initiation to deployment, ensuring timelines and deliverables are met within defined budgets and scope.
    • Manage resources effectively to optimize project execution, prioritize tasks, and allocate work to achieve maximum efficiency and productivity.


  • Education: Master’s or Ph.D. in a relevant field such as Data Science, Computer Science, Statistics, Geography, or a related discipline.
  • Experience: 5 years of experience focused on Geo-Spatial data analysis and modeling.
  • Technical Skills:
    • Proficiency in Python, R, SQL, arcGIS, PySpark, and PyTorch.
    • Strong knowledge of Geo-Spatial data analysis, GIS principles, and mapping technologies.
  • Leadership and Management:
    • Proven experience in leading and managing a team of data scientists.
    • Excellent communication and interpersonal skills, with the ability to effectively collaborate and influence stakeholders at all levels.
  • Strategic Thinking:
    • Ability to develop and execute data science strategies aligned with organizational goals and industry trends.
    • Strong business acumen and strategic thinking to drive the use of data science for competitive advantage.

We Offer:

  • Competitive compensation package and performance-based incentives.
  • Comprehensive benefits, including healthcare, retirement plans, and employee wellness programs.
  • Opportunities for career growth and advancement within a globally recognized Fortune 50 financial services firm.
  • A collaborative and innovative work environment that fosters creativity and encourages continuous learning and development.

Salary range: $150,000-$230,000 

Join our team and contribute to revolutionizing data science in the financial services industry with a focus on Geo-Spatial analytics!