Senior Data Scientist – LLM

New York

  Data Science



An exciting Senior Data Scientist position is available within our innovative Data Science division, focusing on Generative AI. This role is a part of our journey towards becoming a cutting-edge insurance provider, placing a high emphasis on customer wellbeing. The selected candidate will have the unique opportunity to work alongside our Chief Data & Analytics Officer and Head of Data Science, playing a key role in our company’s evolution.

Our Enterprise Data and Analytic Office leads the way in cultivating a data-driven culture, which is integral to achieving our strategic goals. The team’s responsibilities span across data lifecycle management, insight generation, and the delivery of data products. Comprising data analysts, product owners, engineers, scientists, and business-oriented data professionals, our efforts are crucial in driving revenue growth, risk management, and enhancing customer experience.

The primary focus of the Data Science Lab (DSL) is to revolutionize our approach to insurance through innovative technology and research, enabling us to adapt to changing societal needs and technological advancements. The DSL is pivotal in accelerating our transition to data-centric decision making and fostering long-term innovation.

For the Senior Data Scientist role, we are seeking an individual with a solid background in Large Language Models (LLM) and Generative AI. The responsibilities include developing advanced data science solutions using machine learning and artificial intelligence, influencing innovation across various business areas and products. This role involves working closely with senior management on impactful projects, delivering AI/ML solutions that have a substantial effect on risk management and overall financial performance. Ideal candidates should have expertise in insurance and financial services, a fervor for modern ML and AI technologies, and the capability to develop data science strategies that support business growth and customer satisfaction.


  1. Develop Generative AI and LLM capabilities:

    • Undertake projects involving the analysis of unstructured data like insurance contracts and medical records.
    • Implement AI/ML solutions for enhancing underwriting, claims processing, and customer service.
    • Conduct large-scale experiments, including model training, fine-tuning, and prompt engineering.
    • Develop and scale LLM models for both development and production stages.
  2. Develop Enterprise Test and Learn Capabilities:

    • Explore state-of-the-art experimentation and causal inference/ML techniques.
    • Execute advanced data-driven experiments to optimize business aspects.
  3. Support the Data Science Lab (DSL):

    • Engage in various stages of project development from initial data exploration to final reporting.
    • Utilize advanced statistical and AI/ML techniques for predictive modeling and analyses.
    • Ensure data quality and integrity in both development and production stages.
  4. Contribute to the Data Science organization:

    • Work collaboratively with teams across Data Science, Data Engineering, and Business groups.
    • Standardize tools, processes, and best practices in Data Science.

Candidate Profile:

  • Passionate about groundbreaking technology, particularly AI/ML.
  • Experience in developing and implementing data and analytic solutions.
  • Collaborative mindset, working effectively with multidisciplinary teams.


  • PhD or Master’s degree in Statistics, Computer Science, Engineering, or related fields, plus relevant professional experience.
  • Strong foundation in ML modeling, probability, statistics, and causal inference.
  • Proficiency in Python programming, PyTorch, Tensorflow, and parallel computing for ML.

Location and Salary:

  • Hybrid remote position, with two days a week in our New York, NY, Bethlehem, PA, Holmdel, NJ, or Stamford, CT offices.
  • Salary range: $111,840.00 – $183,735.00, plus potential for additional compensation.