Senior LLM Engineer

Remote, New York

  Machine Learning


Our client are a prominent trailblazer in the legal field that are actively tackling vital legal requirements on a global scale. Their team possesses extensive expertise within the legal industry, representing diverse range of clients across various regions and practice areas than the majority of law firms worldwide.

They are hiring a Senior LLM Engineer to join their AI and Data Analytics practice and transform legal services by creatively utilizing Large Language Models (LLMs). The successful candidate will spearhead research, development and implementation efforts related to cutting-edge LLM technologies. 


  • As a Senior LLM Engineer, you will be responsible to research, design, develop and deploy LLMs to effectively tackle intricate legal challenges.

  • You will engage in hands-on coding and development activities, maintaining the highest standards of technical excellence in all AI solutions.

  • Work closely with legal experts to comprehend the nuances of legal challenges and devise AI solutions that address them.

  • Provide guidance on the selection of data for training LLMs, ensuring it aligns with legal applications, is representative, unbiased, and adheres to ethical and legal standards.

  • Collaborate with cross-functional teams to seamlessly integrate solutions within our legal practice.

  • Effectively communicate complex technical concepts to non-technical stakeholders.


  • Master’s or PhD degree in Computer Science or Statistics, with a specialization in Machine Learning/Natural Language Processing.

  • Minimum of  3 years of hands-on experience in the development and experimentation of Large Language Models (LLMs) or related AI/ML technologies.

  • Proficient in Python, with a robust skill set in TensorFlow, PyTorch, or similar frameworks.

  • Practical experience with AI/ML cloud computing infrastructure, particularly in Azure environments.

  • Ability to convey intricate technical concepts to non-technical audiences.

  • Expertise in training and fine-tuning Foundation Models, encompassing multimodal inputs and outputs.

  • Bonus points for experience in the legal domain or close collaboration with legal professionals.

Salary: $150k – $205k DOE

If this sounds like the role for you, apply now in the link below or email your resume directly to for consideration.