Data Scientist – NLP

Palm Beach, Florida

  BI/Data Analytics



Our client is at the forefront of AI innovation, leading the way in developing sentient systems of intelligence to tackle business challenges for Fortune 500 companies. By leveraging the capabilities of both structured and unstructured data, their cutting-edge, patent-pending predictive and interventive AI consistently produces outstanding results across a diverse range of industries.

They are hiring a NLP Data Scientist to assume a pivotal position in designing, implementing, and sustaining scalable ML systems tailored for document processing tasks. The successful candidate will be tasked with converting raw data into actionable insights and actively contributing to revolutionary AI solutions.


  • As the NLP Data Scientist, you will design, construct and maintain robust ML systems tailored for document processing, ensuring scalability and readiness for production.

  • Utilize custom-built web scrapers to extract valuable data from web sources and unstructured documents.

  • Develop and implement NLP-based data processing pipelines to efficiently manage unstructured data extracted from diverse sources.

  • Apply cutting-edge machine learning techniques, encompassing supervised and unsupervised algorithms, to construct predictive models and prescriptive solutions for various business use cases.

  • Collaborate closely with cross-functional teams and ML engineers to create ML pipelines for data processing, training, inference and evaluation.

  • Actively engage in the entire ML model lifecycle, spanning from problem framing and experimentation to deployment and monitoring in production.


  • MA or PhD degree and a minimum of four years of hands-on experience in data science, machine learning or related fields.

  • Extensive expertise in handling large-scale, intricate datasets and optimizing machine learning models.

  • Proficient in NLP feature engineering and modeling, encompassing text classification, entity recognition and question answering.

  • Familiarity with cutting-edge modeling techniques and large language models like transformers, BERT and GPT.

  • Experience utilizing NLP frameworks and libraries such as LangChain, Huggingface etc.

  • Proficiency SQL, Python, PySpark, PyTorch and TensorFlow.

  • Expertise in decision trees, ensemble modeling, and both supervised and unsupervised learning methods.

  • Familiarity with Cloud ML platforms, distributed computing and data pipelines.

Salary: circa. $150k

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