New York, New York

  Data Engineering



Our client who are a leading innovator in deepfake detection technology are hiring a Senior Data Engineer to join their team in New York. The successful candidate will be responsible to streamline services and closely coordinate with the AI Audio division to achieve seamless integration of datasets.


  • As a Data Engineer, you will spearhead the development of top-tier audio datasets to significantly elevate the capabilities of our audio team.

  • Concentrate on broadening multi-language functionalities to keep our AI Audio division at the forefront of innovative solutions.

  • Streamline services by optimizing processes and work in close collaboration with the AI Audio division to seamlessly integrate datasets.


  • Minimum of 3 years of pertinent professional experience.

  • Proven expertise in effectively managing audio data.

  • Proficiency in machine learning, deep learning, or data science.

  • Strong knowledge of Python, with a desirable familiarity with numpy, pandas, JAX, and PyTorch.

  • Language skills in Spanish, Portuguese, Mandarin, or Cantonese are considered valuable assets.

Salary: $130K 

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