Artificial Intelligence Scientist (Audio)

New York, New York

  Machine Learning



Our client, a leading pioneer in deepfake detection technology, is hiring an AI Scientist (Audio) to join their esteemed team in New York. The successful candidate will be instrumental in building real-time audio pre-processing modules aimed at identifying appropriate candidates for deepfake classification.


  • Construct real-time audio pre-processing modules, encompassing tasks such as signal filtering, speech enhancement, and voice activity detection, to identify suitable candidates for deepfake classification.

  • Develop a cohesive module that integrates pre-processing steps with end-to-end optimization for streamlined functionality.

  • Explore novel feature extraction techniques for the detection of generative audio.

  • Innovate and devise solutions that surpass current benchmarks, with a focus on publishing groundbreaking research.

  • Collaborate closely with interdisciplinary teams of scientists and engineers across the organization to leverage collective expertise.


  • Hold a Master’s degree in speech/signal processing, deep learning, or a related field.

  • Possess a minimum of 2 years of programming experience in Python and a proven track record of building deep learning models using PyTorch.

  • Familiarity with deep learning research pertaining to audio synthesis and classification, including utilization of CNNs, RNNs, autoencoders, and large audio foundation models.

  • Demonstrate comprehension of audio research methodologies, particularly in signal filtering, speech enhancement, and voice activity detection, with preferably 1+ years of practical experience.

  • Have experience in implementing and/or publishing peer-reviewed research papers in esteemed audio/speech/AI research forums such as InterSpeech, NeurIPS, or ICLR.

  • Possess strong teamwork skills, a positive demeanor, and effective communication abilities.

  • Display enthusiasm for our field of work and readiness to commence immediately.

Salary Range: 140k – 165k AND Equity & Bonus

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