Data Science


Our client is a global healthcare organization and they are hiring a talented Data Scientist to join their Data & Analytics team in Dublin. The successful candidate will leverage their expertise in AI, data analytics and data visualisation to provide data-driven solutions for the company. 


  • As the Data Scientist, you will be responsible to analyse and transform various types of data using both local and cloud tools for AI and machine learning models.

  • You will design, explore and construct scalable data solutions from source systems to the presentation layer using data modeling and machine learning principles.

  • Develop data and software solutions to ensure robust and automated deployment of AI/ML services for everyday business use.

  • Provide maximum customer value while minimizing costs.

  • Stay updated on technology, data science and business trends in the pharmaceutical industry, as well as offer recommendations on emerging AI/ML trends and applications.


  • Bachelor’s degree in a relevant IT or natural sciences discipline.

  • Proficient in machine learning, artificial neural networks, natural language processing and robotic process automation.

  • Strong background in statistics and statistical analysis.

  • Experienced with various data storage technologies, including data warehouses, data lakes, graph databases, NoSQL and clustering.

  • Advanced skills in data wrangling, analysis and visualisation.

  • Mature software engineering skills, encompassing code development, optimisation and maintenance.

  • Skilled in cloud services, including serverless computing and machine learning tools.


  • Excellent salary

  • Comprehensive benefits package

Interested? Apply now in the link below or email your CV directly to mark@alldus.com for consideration.