Principal Scientist, Computational Biology Lead

Added: 11/24/2021

REF: 14181

Contract: Permanent

Location: New York, United States

We are looking for an experienced lead scientist with computational biology expertise to join our team in the NYC office. You will lead the biomedical research team which is responsible for the early clinical development of novel diagnostic and/or therapeutic programs from human studies to clinical proof-of-concept testing. Joining a multi-disciplinary team of data scientists and machine learning engineers, systems and computational biology scientists, as well as clinical experts, you will analyze our unique biological dataset with their phenotype metadata to discover biomarkers, demonstrate the effect of treatments, and participate in real world health science applications. The ideal candidate should have solid biological sciences, computational and statistical training, and is delivery oriented with a focus on real world impact. The candidate should also be a quick learner, extremely flexible and able to adapt to needs and new scientific advancements. As a senior team member, you will be expected to independently own critical R&D projects, closely work with other scientists and clinicians, manage relationships with subject matter experts, and effectively communicate your results to all stakeholders. This role will give the right candidate an unparalleled opportunity to push the boundaries of system biology and precision medicine research.


  • Generate meaningful biological hypotheses from large genomics datasets
  • Contribute to computational NGS analysis - transcriptomics, genomics and metatranscriptomics data analysis; including identifying fit-for-purpose tools and pipelines, implementing or/and working to streamline the workflow in suitable computing environment
  • Contribute to the development of innovative data integration pipelines to:
    • Act as a bridge between clinical, laboratory and computational teams to clarify and define the pathobiological pathways to answer questions impactful for projects
    • Provide bioinformatics support to ensure data quality and usability.
  • Maintain expertise in state-of-the-art data science and computational genomics methods
  • Proactively communicate activities and status to key stakeholders via technical documents, external publications and presentations


  • 8+ years’ of work experience in computational biology or biomedical research
  • PhD in Computational Sciences, Statistical Genetics, Bioinformatics, or related field
  • Proven track record and understanding of human genetics in complex disorders areas such as neurodegeneration, immuno-inflammation, cancer, metabolic disorders to identify potential biomarkers or therapeutic targets
  • Extensive experience in bioinformatics, statistics and data management to analyze large-scale genetic datasets as well as leverage genomics and transcriptomic data to generate causal disease gene hypotheses
  • Ability to work on high-performance computing system and manage cloud computing environments (e.g. AWS)
  • Expertise in computational tools and pipelines for data analysis of NGS data, including RNA-sequencing (WES and WGS are a plus)
  • Integration of data from large human genetic datasets, including Differential Gene Expression (DGE), as well as data derived from various publicly available platforms such as ENCODE, GTEx, TCGA
  • Ability to apply new tools for the integrative analysis and visualization of multi-dimensional genomics datasets
  • Strong understanding of clinical/pathobiology functional readouts in complex disorders for identifying translatable targets based on human genetics

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