Senior Data Scientist - Knowledge Graph & ML Researcher

Added: 18/03/2020

REF: 1692

Contract: Temporary

Location: Dublin, Ireland

Senior Data Scientist - Knowledge Graph & ML Researcher

Data Scientist - Knowledge Graph & ML Researcher (Daily Rate Contract)

Our client is solving some of the most complex challenges in cloud management across anomaly detection, dynamic and intelligent resource allocation, intelligent fault diagnosis and network demand prediction are among the challenging problems in this space.

Our client is building a new research team that will focus on research and developing AI algorithms for solving complex research challenges leveraging the recent advancements in AI. 

Your role
You will be researching and developing scalable AI algorithms and will have an access to large real datasets collected and will have access to Big Data processing infrastructure as needed (e.g., GPUs, Spark Clusters).
You will be generating data from smartphones, PC and tablets, wearables, mobile broadband device, family device and device cloud service.
Responsible to build the NLP related model capability to solve the service requirement and issue.
Responsible for conducting scientific comparative analysis of operation data and find the proper AI techniques to apply to it.
Responsible for encapsulating the AI modules into workable research proof-of-concepts.
Responsible for handling huge amount of data and hence, buildings scalable machine learning models.

Your experience
A strong AI background with deep AI algorithmic knowledge such as anomaly detection, 
reinforcement learning, supervised and un-supervised learning algorithms. 

Skills & Qualifications
PhD in a relevant field is preferred (ML, Knowledge Graph, Computer Science…) 
Experience with Natural Language Processing (ML, Knowledge graph) techniques is must.
Experience with Deep Learning (NNs, Recurrent NNs, Convolutional NNs, Encoder-Decoder with Attentions, Bayesian Deep Learning) with text or multivariate time-series data.
Experience working with Deep Learning Programming frameworks such as Keras, PyTorch, TensorFlow

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