Senior Data Engineer

Added: 20/02/2020

REF: 2362

Contract: Permanent

Location: Berlin, Germany

Senior Data Engineer                                                                              Berlin
Up to €85k

Work with state-of-the-art technologies in AI and machine learning on the data science team. Design, develop and optimise technologies and processes to continue the growth and development of the company.

Working with image recognition, logistics and distribution to contribute to make a huge impact to the retail industry globally. Join a data-focused team mixed with professional data engineers and data scientists that work with top tier technologies



  • Build and maintain ETL processes
  • Implement APIs and microservices
  • Create, implement and maintain data processing architectures
  • Maintain/operationalise machine learning workflows
  • Design and develop continuous integration and deployment


Requirements (min. of 2 years):

  • Proficient in:
    • Spark, Python, Hadoop, Scala, Linux
  • Experience in writing scalable code and in scalable distributed processing
  • Experience with continuous integration/deployment
  • Good knowledge in data models, relational databases and ETL
  • At least a Masters’ degree in a related field


Some perks:

  • Flexible working hours to maintain a great work-life balance
  • Educational options to upskill your knowledge in your field/interest
  • German courses
  • Very desirable salary package

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