Head of Data Science

Added: 12/06/2019

REF: 654

Contract: Permanent

Location: Berlin, Germany

Head of Data Science  

Salary: upto €100,000

Company Overview:

A credit starter who are trying to give money in small and medium business in Poland primarily. They are a data first business and are doing that by optimizing there market channels and risk decisions using data.

Day to day:  You are involved in a lot of areas. On one side you are working very closely with the business to identify new opportunity’s in which you can apply data science but also you are involved in the delivery’s, you will work closely with the data engineers to make sure the models are being put in production easily as well as working with the data scientist to make sure the statistical analysis is done properly.


The team is broken down into the risk and marketing product platform:


Risk: This platform is to assess who to give credit to and the probability of default and what should be the optimal amount they give to people as well as the interest rate for particular credit.

Tech Stack:

  • Kafka to deploy models
  • Sci-kit learn and XGBoost for training
  • Jupiter notebooks for analysis


Marketing – They are involved in A/B testing, attribution modelling and targeting optimization.

Tech Stack:

  • Data is driven from the data warehouse redshift in this case
  • Jupiter notebooks for analysis

Candidate Requirements

  • Good data scientist with strong technical statistical skills
  • Business understanding – the ability to translate business needs into data tasks
  • Good communication skills to make sure data science is working together with the business.  

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