Machine Learning Engineer

Added: 11/09/2019

REF: 757

Contract: Permanent

Location: Berlin, Germany

Senior Machine Learning Engineer

Location: Berlin

Industry: Food Delivery

Salary: up to €73,000


Opportunity for a Machine Learning Engineer to join a company and help them to build a Machine Learning Lab team that is being built from scratch.


After checking the data of every team, the conclusion has found out that the quality of data is the restriction from making this happen.


Now they have created a Big Data Lake. The plan is for the Data Lake to function like IBM’s Watsons and be the all in one place for data gathering and processing.  Next steps after this? introduce microservices to the Data Lake.


The overall goal of the machine learning lab is to help the company become a Data Driven organisation like Netflix.


Day to Day tasks:

  • Build applications, libraries, and services to help deliver delightful data-powered experiences to our customers.
  • Build end-to-end ETL pipelines to enable training and running of machine learning models on structured and semi-structured data.
  • Optimize the reliability, efficiency and agility of machine learning, computational, and data processing pipelines.


Tech Stack used in the lab:

Programming Languages: Python (Primary), Java, Scala

Cloud Stack: AWS, Google

Databases: SQL, NoSQL, Hadoop, Spark, Cassandra, MongoDB, Redshift

Machine Learning/ Analysis tools: PySpark, MlLib, Numpy, Scikit, Pandas

ETL/ Cloud tools: Kinesis, Glue, DataPrep, DataFlow

DevOps/ Microservices Tools: Docker, Mesos, Kubernetes, Lambda, Cloud Functions, APIGateway, ECS/EKS

Cloud Tools: CloudFormation, Terraform, Travis, CloudWatch, X-Ray, StackDriver


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