Why Alldus?

Alldus International is taking a holistic approach to AI Workforce Solutions.

Founded in 2018, we have looked at the likely disruptions that countries, companies and workers are likely to experience as they transition to AI. There is a large potential for AI to contribute to the global economic activity.

We serve our clients by effectively understanding their professional needs. We meet these needs by providing them qualified professionals with a unique combination of skills, experience and expertise in AI, Machine Learning and Data Science.

The Alldus team has an unrivalled insight in the AI market which allows us to offer the best opportunities to our candidates and the best candidates to our clients. Whether you are talent looking for a job or a hiring manager looking for talent, Alldus is here to help.

However, we are much more than a staffing company. Alldus are building a community with one single purpose: To connect the best people in Artificial Intelligence.

The Alldus Podcast series AI in Action showcases companies and industry experts leading the way in Artificial Intelligence and we pay it forward with the AI Mentors podcast to guide you on your career in AI and Data Science.

We encourage you to come to meet and network with your fellow AI and Data Science professionals with the Alldus Chapters meetups in Dublin, Berlin, Boston and New York.

We also recognize excellence through the AI Awards to reward the hard work and dedication of those working in the field of AI, Data Science and innovation.

It is our mission to connect the AI ecosystem in the United States and in Europe. Through collaboration and mentoring, you can count on us to guide you on the right path to a successful career in AI and Data Science.

You can use Alldus to:

Who to talk to about AI roles?

Mark Kelly, co-founder

Mark Kelly
Co-Founder and Chief Customer Officer @ Alldus.com | AI Podcaster | TEDx Speaker

Mark is an award-winning Executive Search Consultant.  Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and Data Science markets. To find your next role or hire your next AI, Data Scientist, Machine Learning Engineer please contact Mark at mark@alldus.com.

Mark has a deep knowledge on how to build meaningful relationships, recruitment, leadership, customer service and scaling technology companies. With an academic background in Business and a Masters in Strategic Management Planning from UCD’s Smurfit Business School, Mark has been involved in the technology industry since 2007.

Mark is the founder of AI Ireland, a not for profit organisation helping to build a machine learning tech cluster in Ireland. His passions are bringing people together, changing people’s lives for the better and creating a positive social impact emerging technologies can have on society. As a regular AI podcaster Mark interviews some of the world’s top Data Science, Machine Learning and AI experts sharing this insight through the AI In Action Podcast.

Mark is a regular speaker about:

  • Interesting applications of Machine Learning / Artificial Intelligence in Business
  • Predictions for the Future of Data Science Careers
  • Career tips for up and coming data scientists

Connect Mark at mark@alldus.com.

Specialties: AI, Artificial Intelligence, Big Data, NLP, NLP, Machine Learning, Recruiting, Sourcing, Talent Mining, Talent Identification and Acquisition, Just-In-Time Recruiting, Lean Recruiting, Social Networking, Social Media & Technical Recruiting.

James Baker Alldus,com co-founder

James Baker
Co-Founder and Managing Director @ Alldus.com

After graduating from Swansea University with a Bachelor’s Degree in Mechanical Engineering, James went on to Cambridge University where he earned a Diploma in Computer Science. Following 2 years playing professional rugby, James returned to the technology industry to pursue a career in IT staffing.

James begun his career in professional workforce solutions in the UK, where he set up and managed a specialist Business Intelligence function. He moved from London to Frankfurt, Germany to build a new business within a global plc. In Germany he has achieved success taking his business from start-up to becoming one of the top performing businesses in the group, helping the company achieve a turnover of €50million and gaining experience in IT, Healthcare and Banking sectors.

James has been integral to the growth of client relationships in a variety of sectors and in both the UK and mainland Europe. His goal is to create an AI, Data Science community in Germany and to give companies and individuals the opportunity to showcase their products, share experiences, learn new skills and meet other data enthusiasts. James’ priorities are  to add value to client’s business model and making staffing as easy and transparent as possible.

James is an avid rugby fan and an endurance athlete. He regularly competes in triathlons and road cycling races.

Connect James at james@alldus.com.