Why Alldus?

Alldus International is taking a holistic approach to AI Workforce Solutions.

Founded in 2018, we have looked at the likely disruptions that countries, companies and workers are likely to experience as they transition to AI. There is a large potential for AI to contribute to the global economic activity.

We serve our clients by effectively understanding their professional needs. We meet these needs by providing them with qualified professionals with a unique combination of skills, experience and expertise in AI, Machine Learning and Data Science.

The Alldus team has unrivalled insight into the AI market which allows us to offer the best opportunities to our candidates and the best candidates to our clients. Whether you are talent looking for a job or a hiring manager looking for talent, Alldus is here to help.

However, we are much more than a staffing company. Alldus are building a community with one single purpose: To connect the best people in Artificial Intelligence.

The Alldus Podcast series AI in Action showcases companies and industry experts leading the way in Artificial Intelligence and we pay it forward with the AI Mentors podcast to guide you on your career in AI and Data Science.

We encourage you to come to meet and network with your fellow AI and Data Science professionals with the Alldus Chapters meetups in Dublin, Berlin, Boston and New York.

We also recognize excellence through the AI Awards to reward the hard work and dedication of those working in the field of AI, Data Science and innovation.

It is our mission to connect the AI ecosystem in the United States and in Europe. Through collaboration and mentoring, you can count on us to guide you on the right path to a successful career in AI and Data Science.

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We will be there for you to assist you at every stage of the recruitment process to ensure you attract and hire the very best talent.

Alldus Directors

The Board

Meet the Board from Alldus International and get to know the main decision-makers behind our mission within the Recruitment sector.

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Meet The Team

Meet the Aldus team and find out who you can talk to about the latest AI and Data Science roles in New York, Dublin & Berlin.

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