Data Science Resume Tips

One of the most common issues we find when speaking with candidates is the ability to write an attention-grabbing resume that accurately conveys your experience in a concise manner. Here are our top tips for writing a data scientist resume that will get you noticed.

How to turn your Java skills into a career in Machine Learning

How can developers leverage their Java skills to get into machine learning? We suggest the following steps such as understanding the fundamentals, practice implementing machine learning models with Java workbenches, working with different Java machine learning libraries, and more.

Making the move from Data Analyst to Data Scientist

From a career standpoint, the roles of analyst and data scientist are more complementary rather than one position being at a higher level than the other. If you’re a data analyst who wants to make the move to data science, we suggest these top tips to help you successfully make that switch.

5 Applications of NLP in Healthcare

Natural Language Processing has been leveraged to great effect to help solve the problem of unstructured medical data with NLP techniques being employed to parse information and extract critical insights from a variety of sources. Here are five use cases of the impact of NLP in Healthcare.