AI in Action Virtual Meetup: Computer Vision #4


We went live this past Wednesday evening with the latest in our Computer Vision series as speakers from some of Ireland and Germany's exciting startups shared their story at the AI in Action meetup.

First up, Alessandro Prest, co-founder and CTO at VISUA - The AI People talked to us about AI History and reality check. Alessandro gave us an insight into his work which has covered several research positions in international institutions and industries delivering A.I. solutions that span from quality control for the semiconductor industry to detecting cats on YouTube.

He also gave an insight into the work at VISUA and how they are unlocking the missing potential in your platform or service with VISUA's technology for Brand Protection, Brand Authentication and Brand Monitoring. It is their mission to allow Visual-AI enable and liberate humans to do more, create more and discover more.

We also heard from CellmatiQ CEO Jaroslav Blaha. CellmatiQ develops an artificial intelligence platform for the automatic detection of relevant structures in medical images to support healthcare professionals in their diagnostics. The technology is equally applicable to industrial problems, like automatic analysis of structural features or anomalies of machine parts from images.

Jarolsav specifically talked about AI Applications in Dental Insurance. The dental insurance industry is a global $152 billion market, which suffers under a total information asymmetry between an insurance applicant (who knows a lot about her/his body) and the insurance, which knows nothing. AI has the potential to reduce this gap and to allow for better and cheaper insurance coverage.

Watch this fascinating meetup in full below.

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