AI in Action E361: François Candelon, Global Director at BCG Henderson Institute


Welcome to episode 361 of the AI in Action podcast, the show where we break down the hype and explore the impact that Data Science, Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence are making on our everyday lives.

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Today's guest is François Candelon, Global Director at the BCG Henderson Institute in Paris, France. The BCG Henderson Institute is the Boston Consulting Group’s strategy think tank, dedicated to exploring and developing valuable new insights from business, technology and science by embracing the powerful technology of ideas. The Institute engages leaders in provocative discussion and experimentation to expand the boundaries of business theory and practice and to translate innovative ideas from within and beyond business.

With nearly 30 years experience working with Boston Consulting Group, François' work has been published in prestigious business and management magazines such as Harvard Business Review & MIT Sloan Management Review, and has presented at multiple global conferences. His most recent work focuses on AI and data analytics in the technology, media and telecommunications sectors. In 2021, François was short-listed for Thinkers50 Distinguished Achievement Awards in Digital Thinking for his work with the BCG Henderson Institute.

In the episode, François discuss:

His role as 50% practitioner & 50% researcher

Optimizing Humans plus AI as a system

Use cases of how this system can impact your business

The importance of embracing change and being consistent

What is possible with AI and challenges to be aware of

The importance of a Human in the Loop approach

Looking towards the Democratization of AI

To find out more about all the great work happening at BCG Henderson Institute, check out the website or follow them on LinkedIn and Twitter @BCGHenderson. You can also connect with François directly on LinkedIn.

What did you think of François' podcast? Where do you see the future of AI and Data Science in the industry heading over the next few years? We would love to hear your thoughts on this episode, so please leave a comment below.

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