AI in Action E356: Jeff Seibert, Co-Founder at Digits


Welcome to episode 356 of the AI in Action podcast, the show where we break down the hype and explore the impact that Data Science, Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence are making on our everyday lives.

Powered by Alldus International, our goal is to share with you the insights of technologists and data science enthusiasts to showcase the excellent work that is being done within AI in North America and Europe.

Today's guest is Jeff Seibert, Co-Founder at Digits in San Francisco, CA. Founded in 2018, Digits' mission is to provide the real-time visibility and powerful, actionable intelligence that business operators and their finance teams require to chart their course in the world. From their concierge efforts to the smallest details in their product’s design and implementation, Digits are constantly pushing the boundaries on how to delight customers, ship industry-defining products at scale and build true friendships with each other along the way.

Digits gives you live, total visibility into your business by combining advanced machine learning, full-historical statistical analysis, and layers of proprietary datasets and heuristics. Digits leverage the latest in machine-learned algorithms to automatically identify patterns, intelligently classify incoming data and detect anomalies. Digits are a fully-distributed team of engineers, designers and operators who collaborate remotely, but synchronously, from homes and co-working spaces across the Americas.

In the episode, Jeff will discuss:

The origins and journey of building out Digits 

The role of Data Science and Analytics in their platform 

Plans for growing the team with recent Series C funding 

Their culture as a fully remote company 

The impact that Digits bring to customers 

Why Digits is a great place to work 

What excites him for the future at Digits 

To find out more about Jeff and all the great work happening at Digits, check out the website or follow them on LinkedIn, Instagram and Twitter @digits. You can also connect with Jeff directly on LinkedIn.

What did you think of Jeff's podcast? Where do you see the future of AI and Data Science in the financial services industry heading over the next few years? We would love to hear your thoughts on this episode, so please leave a comment below.

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