AI in Action E355: Ravi Mayuram, CTO and SVP of Engineering at Couchbase


Welcome to episode 355 of the AI in Action podcast, the show where we break down the hype and explore the impact that Data Science, Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence are making on our everyday lives.

Powered by Alldus International, our goal is to share with you the insights of technologists and data science enthusiasts to showcase the excellent work that is being done within AI in North America and Europe.

Today's guest is Ravi Mayuram, Chief Technology Officer and Senior Vice President of Engineering at Couchbase in Santa Clara, CA. Founded in 2009, Couchbase believes data is at the heart of the enterprise. They empower developers and architects to build, deploy and run their mission-critical applications. Couchbase delivers a high-performance, flexible and scalable modern database that runs across the data center and any cloud. Many of the world’s largest enterprises rely on Couchbase to power the core applications their businesses depend on.

As CTO, Ravi is focused on driving deeper customer and partner relationships and evangelizing Couchbase in the market. He joined Couchbase from Oracle, where he served as senior director of engineering and led innovation in the areas of recommender systems and social graph, search and analytics, and lightweight client frameworks. Ravi was responsible for kickstarting the cloud collaboration platform at Oracle. Previously in his career, Ravi held senior technical and management positions at BEA, Siebel, Informix, HP and startup BroadBand Office. 

In the episode, Ravi will discuss:

What Couchbase is all about

A typical Customer journey and benefits they bring to users

Problems they are solving using AI and Data

What it’s like to work at Couchbase

Upcoming projects & what the future holds

Exciting opportunities to work with Couchbase

To find out more about Ravi and all the great work happening at Couchbase, check out the website or follow them on LinkedIn, Instagram and Twitter @couchbase. You can also connect with Ravi directly on LinkedIn or follow him on Twitter @RaviMayuram.

What did you think of Ravi's podcast? Where do you see the future of AI and Data Science in the industry heading over the next few years? We would love to hear your thoughts on this episode, so please leave a comment below.

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