Will Access To AI Become A New Human Right?

From agriculture to manufacturing and healthcare, AI-human collaboration is already influencing many industries in a lot of ways. Not since the rise of the internet has a technology threatened to change our world on such a global scale.

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First Ever Electric Wheelchair Controlled By Facial Expressions

Hoobox, a Brazilian startup has partnered with Intel to create an adapter kit that can be connected to almost any electrical wheelchair.

Powered by AI, The Wheelie 7 is able to detect the user’s facial expressions and process the data in real-time to direct the movement of the chair.

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Facial Recognition Passports Soon To Be Reality?

Left your passport at home? No need to worry because these could soon be a thing of the past. A pilot program is currently being tested in Australia to introduce facial recognition passports.

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How AI Will Put Food On The Table In The Future

In the future, drones robots and intelligent monitoring systems will undoubtedly revolutionise the farming industry.  New “ultra-precision” agriculture will largely be responsible for filling your shopping baskets. Continue reading