Will Access To AI Become A New Human Right?

From agriculture to manufacturing and healthcare, AI-human collaboration is already influencing many industries in a lot of ways. Not since the rise of the internet has a technology threatened to change our world on such a global scale.

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The Future Data Scientist Will Have A More Specialised Skillset

As data science continues to evolve, the future data scientist may well look very different also. Right now, talented data scientists are rare and extremely coveted, mostly due to the diverse and subsequently unique skillset that companies are looking for. Continue reading

World’s Leading AI Experts To Meet in Dublin This April

The first of its kind in Europe, the Adapt Centre and the NSAI will host the International standardisation committee’s first plenary meeting. It is hoped that this opportunity can be used to really showcase Ireland as an “AI island.”

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How AI Will Put Food On The Table In The Future

In the future, drones robots and intelligent monitoring systems will undoubtedly revolutionise the farming industry.  New “ultra-precision” agriculture will largely be responsible for filling your shopping baskets. Continue reading