5 Big Data Ted Talks you have to watch

 | October 4 2019 | Alldus Recruitment

Big Data is changing our world in more ways than you thought.

Find out how with our top five favourite Ted Talks

Kenneth Cukier: Big Data is Better Data

Kenneth Cukier looks at what’s next for machine learning — and human knowledge.

Joel Selanikio: Big Data Revolution in Healthcare

Data geek Joel Selanikio talks through the sea change in collecting health data in the past decade 

Erick Brethenoux – The Big Data Behind Complex Human Emotions

Erick Brethenoux wants to deconstruct complex human emotions by applying big data analytics

Susan Etlinger – What do we do with all this big data

Susan Etlinger explains why, as we receive more and more data, we need to deepen our critical thinking skills.

Rajiv Maheswaran: The Math Behind Basketball’s Wildest Moves 

Rajiv Maheswaran explains how using Machine Learning to find patterns and meaning in basketball games is helping teams strategise better.

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