500 episodes of The Alldus Podcast: Our Top Picks

 | July 19 2022 | Alldus Recruitment

This week, we mark a special milestone on The Alldus Podcast as we hit 500 episodes of our top-rated AI & Digital Transformation podcast series. 

First launched in November 2018, hosts JP Valentine and Mark Kelly have interviewed incredible leaders from around the world in Artificial Intelligence & Digital Transformation. They have discussed company success stories, career advice, hottest market trends and much more across our three podcast series.

Today, we explore some of our hosts favorite podcasts that they have conducted over the past 3.5 years as we look back on some incredible episodes you need to check out.


The first episode on our list as chosen by JP Valentine features Reddit’s Global Head of Data at Jack Hanlon who joined AI in Action in early 2021 to discuss coming into the Data world from a non-traditional background, the interesting work they are doing at Reddit with Data & Machine Learning, the working culture at Reddit, what he enjoys most about his role, upcoming tools and trends that will shape their future, challenges they need to overcome, what a successful tech team looks like and he told us some of his favorite interview questions.

In second episode on our list from AI Mentors is an episode from August 2020 when Kate Strachnyi, founder of DATAcated Academy & Story by Data joined JP Valentine on the show. In this really insightful episode, Kate talked about her contributions to the Data Science community, the motivation for founding DATAcated academy, educating organizations on maximizing their data, how to balance the workload, her key advice on how to kickstart a career in Data Science and she told us why she loves working in Data.

Next on our list, we have an AI in Action podcast from November 2020 featuring Lisa Palmer, Chief Technology Advisor at Splunk, the world’s first Data-to-Everything Platform. Another pick from JP Valentine, Lisa joined him on the show to discuss the great work she is doing with Splunk, improving communication skills between technical and non-technical staff, use cases of the benefits that Splunk brings to clients, her passion for AI and Data Governance in the industry and how we can fulfil the potential of AI and Data Science.

It’s another pick from Mark Kelly and our first ServiceNow podcast episode on our list as Alex Sanginov, Enterprise AI/ML Product Manager at ServiceNow joined Mark for a very interesting chat in August 2021. Alex gave us an insight into his background and journey to ServiceNow, what his role involves as their enterprise AI/ML Product Manager, use cases of the problems they are solving for customers, what the future holds for the ServiceNow platform, the importance of a growth mindset and what to expect on his own Analytics at ServiceNow podcast.

In February 2021, Dr. Marion Cornelia Schwarzler, Head of Decision Science & Advanced Analytics for Medical Affairs at Bayer joined host Mark Kelly on the AI in Action podcast in what was our most-streamed episode in 2021. Marion told us about the benefits of applying data science within the Healthcare industry, challenges needed to overcome such as data privacy and data access, the impact of applying NLP in Healthcare Data, the importance of diversity within data science teams and what the future holds for Data Science within Healthcare.

We’re delving into back our AI Mentors series as host Mark Kelly picked his interview Marco Morales, former Senior Director of Data Science at NBCUniversal Media in New York as one of his top podcasts. In this episode from June 2020, Marco told us about how he transitioned from Political Science into Data Science, transferring his current skills into his new career, the role of Social Science in Data Science, defining the problem you are looking to solve and he discussed how AI will further impact the customer experience in media.

The penultimate episode on our list sees Deepna Devkar, Vice President of Data Science & Engineering at CNN join JP Valentine on an episode of AI Mentors from March 2020. In this episode, Deevna told us about her interesting Data Science journey to joining CNN, how they are applying Data Science to transform CNN Digital, her experience transitioning from academia into industry, challenges to be aware of moving into Leadership roles, how to build a successful Data Science team and she offered top advice on how to kick start your Data Science career.

In the final episode on our list, we go right back to the beginning as Mark Kelly chooses the first ever episode of The Alldus Podcast which featured Swami Chandrasekaran, Managing Director of AI Innovation and Enterprise Solutions at KPMG in Dallas. In this AI in Action episode from November 2018, Swami discussed interesting findings he saw in drug discovery at IBM Watson, is Artificial Intelligence living up to the hype?, industries he believes will be disrupted most by AI, interesting projects he is now working on at KPMG and how XAI will play an important role in the near future.

A big thank you to everyone who has joined The Alldus Podcast over the past few years because without them, we would not have an incredible library of 500 episodes on The Alldus Podcast. We looking forward to the next 500 and more in the years to come.

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