AI in Action Virtual Meetup – NLP Series #1

,  | July 21 2020 | Alldus Recruitment

We enjoyed a fascinating AI in Action virutal meetup this afternoon as two great speakers shared their amazing insights into the world of NLP.

David Curran, Machine Learning Engineer at OpenJaw Technologies introduced us to Multilingual Customer Service NLP with Python. He talked through the steps needed to combine Python libraries scikit-learn, flask, spacy and Rasa to quickly make an NLP question answering system for any language you want and that can run on-premises. 

Lukas Kemkes, CTO at Creatext Creatext gave us an insight into his work at Creatext, where they are combining human & machine intelligence to improve your processes, automatically extract information from text data and generate new texts using state-of-the-art NLP. He told us about moving from BERT to GPT-3 and other exciting up and coming NLP trends.

You can now watch the meetup in full below.

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