AI in Action Virtual Meetup - AI in Healthcare #3

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It was our second AI in Action virtual meetup in three days as we were joined by two fascinating speakers to discuss their work within the Healthcare industry.

Mathew Divine, Interim Head of Data Science at BI X (The Boehringer Ingelheim Digital Lab) introduced us to BI X, who develop breakthrough therapies and innovative healthcare solutions in areas of unmet medical need for both humans and animals. He also gave his insights into how they use unstructured text integration and text mining to achieve their goal of improving patient's lives.

We then handed over to Tassilo Waldraff, CTO at Berlin startup CellmatiQ. He introduced us to their AI product that automates the identification of relevant diagnostic points in x-rays and reduces the analysis time (at consistent quality) from ca. 15 minutes to mere seconds. This innovative product thereby allows dentists to focus more on its diagnostics and treatment plans.

You can now watch the meetup in full below.

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