AI in Action Virtual Meetup: Computer Vision 2.0


We enjoyed another exciting AI in Action virutal meetup on Wednesday afternoon as we were introduced into the exciting world of Computer Vision with three fascinating Berlin companies.

First up, Adam Bahlke, CTO at Motor AI discussed The Legal Challenge in Making Autonomous Driving a Reality. He explored the implications of German, EU, and UN regulations on autonomous driving technology. Far from being onerous and unwelcome, regulations actually serve to improve safety and spur innovation. Adam walks through the legal frameworks, the impact on technology, and current solutions.

Naja von Schmude, CTO and founder at Peregrine Technologies spoke about Building Privacy-first Computer Vision Pipelines. Peregrine bring cameras into cars to gain awareness of the surrounding world and to create a superior data set for advanced mobility analytics. Video data captured in public spaces contains a lot of personal information which needs to be handled with special care. Naja discussed how they address this challenge.

Finally, Hasnain Raza, Senior Machine Learning Engineer at discussed what common human labeller behavior and bias they observe. He discussed how their decisions affect the training of AI models and how they work on providing annotations that are needed, not necessarily wanted by the human labeller. This involves sometimes going against best practices, sometimes being very scientific, sometimes adding in ML "hacks", and sometimes just not doing machine learning at all."

You can now watch the meetup in full below.

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