Our top tips for being productive while working from home

 | March 11 2020 | Alldus Recruitment

In light of the recent coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak, many organisations are already following the advice of health organisations by implementing a work from home policy in order to curb the spread of the of the infectious disease and keep their employees safe.

Remote working is nothing new but the scale of such practices are still relatively untested. With major organisations like Google and Facebook sending staff home by the thousands, it will be interesting to see how effective remote working will be for major organisations and startups alike.

Here are our tips for being productive while working from home:

1. Use tools like Skype and Zoom to stay connected with your team

The most crucial asset to working from home is video technology. Whether your organisation has remote workers or just operates internationally, then I am sure you have some level of familiarity with video technology. Make sure you have the necessary programs installed on your laptop before heading home. If you don’t, then you risk being disconnected from your team and be out of the loop completely.

2. Have a separate work space

Try to set up in a space where is typically not used to relax. Choose a space that mentally prepares you for work. A separate room with a door that closes is obviously best but not always possible in smaller living spaces. It might take some trial and error to find your most productive space but it is worth testing.

3. Stick to a routine

Try to do continue doing what you would if heading to the office. Wake up at the same time, get dressed suitably and stick to break times. If you usually head out to get a coffee in the afternoon, continue doing so if possible. If not, then go outside and walk around.

Try to communicate with your co-workers throughout the day so as to not feel too isolated even if it means a simple hello on Slack.

4. Know your body

If you have problems with your back or any other part of your body, it might be wise to borrow a chair from work or a friend if you haven’t got one already. Remember to get up and move around regularly for circulation. Ensure that your work area is well lit as not to strain your eyes, natural light is best but not always possible.

While working remotely it is easy to lose sight of best practices, follow these tips and stay productive while working from home.

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