AI in Action Berlin Meetup June Recap


It was a packed house at BlackLane this past Thursday evening as guests were treated to three more insightful presentations at the eighth AI in Action Berlin meetup.

First up was Blacklane's own Head of Engineering Daniel Henze. Blacklane is the global chauffeur service who want to cover every mile of your journey. They provide their service to more than 60 countries, 300 cities and 500 airports around the world.

In his talk, Daniel showed how to enable a prototype and develop it into a production-ready system. He offered his top tips on how to do this answering some important questions along the way such as What does the team need? What knowledge was missing? and How to enable further experimentation?

Founder at Florian Gruning tackled one of the most common questions in Data Science as he talked about "The Superman Data Scientist." He revealed the myth around how a data scientist is going to solve your problem.

Award-winning Data Scientist Florian presented the results of his qualitative study where he interviewed 60 data scientists of different roles and seniority to identify problem areas. In the last part of his presentation, he prototyped some solutions that are the real problem solvers for your business.

Last but not least, Francesco Cardinale, Machine Learning Engineer at Idealo talked about his work within Deep Learning for Computer Vision. Francesco is an experienced engineer in developing state-of-the-art DL/ML solutions, from problem statement to MVP and initial serving, with good coding practices.

He presented on how Idealo obtained an image upscaling, or super-resolution (ISR), artefact removing, detail enriching network. He gave an overview of the implementation and combination of a few SOTA neural networks for ISR and insights, offered tips and tricks from the training process which uses a form of perceptual loss with VGG and GANs.

A big thank you to Francesco, Daniel and Florian for their incredible talks and to the guys at BlackLane for being brilliant hosts. Of course, a big thank you also to all our guests who came along on the evening. We hope to see you all again in the near future.

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