AI in Action Berlin March 2019 Recap

It was a packed house at GetYourGuide in Berlin this past Wednesday evening, as our guests were treated to three excellent presentations from some of Germany’s best minds in AI, Data Science and Machine Learning. Continue reading

AI Mentors E12: Ashleigh Faith, Director of Data & Semantic Enrichment at EBSCO Information Services

Welcome to episode 12 of AI Mentors, the podcast that helps you pave the way for a successful career in the world of Data Science and AI.

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AI Technology: China Set For World Domination?

By 2030 China plan to be the world leaders in AI technology.

As Eric Schmidt, Executive Chairman at Google has explained, “It’s pretty simple. By 2020, they will have caught up. By 2025, they will be better than us. By 2030, they will dominate the industries of AI.

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A Basic Guide to Natural Language Processing.

Humans communicate through words. Unfortunately, computers do not. This makes it difficult for a computer to understand our natural language. They see our words as a form of “unstructured data” and are unable to process this kind of data effectively.

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AI in Action E09: Vijay Dheap, Technology and Product Lead at Rozie AI

Welcome to episode nine of AI in Action, the podcast that breaks down the hype and explores the impact that Data Science, Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence are making on our everyday lives.

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3 Amazing Ways AI Could Help Mental Health in Ireland

In terms of mental health, Ireland ranks joint third out of  36 European countries with some 18.5 per cent of the Irish population recorded as having a mental health disorder.

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Will a Robot Steal my Job?

Will a robot take your job? Will artificial intelligence serve us or does it have the potential to wipe humankind from the face of the earth? Chief Customer Officer at Alldus Mark Kelly talks ‘machine learning’ and the rise of the robots.
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Data Science Ireland November Meetup Recap

It was another fascinating evening at Huckletree D2 for November’s Data Science Ireland meetup, as our guests were treated to yet more world-class presentations.
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