The Alldus Podcast: Our Top 5 Computer Vision podcasts

 | July 13 2023 | Alldus Recruitment

In an era defined by fast-paced technological advancements and the ever-increasing availability of visual data, Computer Vision has emerged as a powerful tool with great potential. From analyzing images and videos to extracting meaningful insights, Computer Vision is revolutionizing many industries, enhancing automation and transforming the way we perceive and interact with the world.

We’ve had the privilege of interviewing over 600 guests in the past five years for The Alldus Podcast, including renowned leaders and innovative companies at the forefront of harnessing the power of Computer Vision. Our discussions have spanned a wide range of topics and industries, shedding light on the transformative impact of Computer Vision in fields such as autonomous vehicles, robotics, healthcare and surveillance to name a few.

So, without further ado, we present a selection of our favorite episodes that delve deep into the exciting world of Computer Vision.


1. AI in Action E441: Shahmeer Mirza, Director of R&D and IT Strategy at 7-Eleven

4.AI in Action E404: Tigran Petrosyan, Co-Founder and CEO at SuperAnnotate

In December 2022, Tigran Petrosyan, Co-Founder and CEO at SuperAnnotate discussed how SuperAnnotate provides a labeling infrastructure for machine learning applications, enabling companies to label various types of data, such as images and textual data to train their AI models. They are helping companies build the next generation of computer vision products, including working with a wide range of industries, including autonomous vehicles, aerial imagery analytics and content moderation. Tigran also shares their upcoming plans, including a data annotation tool for data scientists and the integration of new data types into their infrastructure, such as LIDAR and 3D point cloud solutions.

During the podcast, Tigran highlights: “Nowadays with machine learning and computer vision, one can actually see what’s in the image. For example, for autonomous vehicles, if you want to build like a self-driving car, your camera can recognize where are the other people street lines, the trees, other cars, et cetera. So in order for that to work, people label images in similar situations, let’s say in the image, you kind of point out where are the cars? Where are the trees, et cetera. We’re building that labeling infrastructure for various type of data, like images, videos, any kind of textual data NLP to help this machine learning applications to build their products.”

Check out the full episode with Tigran at this link


5. AI in Action E447: Justin Nguyen, Head of Customer Service Data Engineering and Analytics at Chewy

Back in May 2023, Justin Nguyen, Head of Customer Service Data Engineering and Analytics at Chewy shared stories about his personal projects, such as using computer vision to monitor his baby daughter’s well-being and creating an algorithm to generate unique names for his wife’s garden. He also discusses an early computer vision project that involved object recognition to detect items in his refrigerator and generate a grocery list. Justin further discusses the integration of AI into everyday life and the importance of using AI to save time and streamline tasks. He also emphasizes the need to incorporate data proactively in decision-making processes and the excitement he feels about the future of AI and data-driven strategies.

In his discussion during the episode, Justin told us: “One of the first things which I’m sure many people can relate to is I searched the baby market to find the best products, including baby monitoring products. Eventually I came to the con conclusion that I would build my own. So what I did was I installed an IP camera above her crib, it was pointed down looking at her and just basically making sure that the color of her cheeks were within the right range and then it could also figure out whether or not she was awake or sleeping by using object recognition to find her eyes and then see if they were open or closed.”

Check out Justin’s full podcast at this link


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