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Our client are a leading insurance company and they are hiring a talented Data Scientist specializing in Large Language Models and Generative AI to join their team in New York. The successful candidate will have the opportunity to transform the insurance sector by combining their evolving business needs with the latest advancements in Artificial Intelligence. 


  • As the Data Scientist, you will create sophisticated data science solutions using LLM to improve key aspects of the company’s operations.

  • You will develop and refine prompts and templates to shape LLM behavior and ensure precision, relevance and coherence in generated content.

  • Work collaboratively with data scientists, data engineers, business teams and stakeholders to execute impactful and prominent projects.

  • Apply deep learning and Natural Language Processing expertise to innovate and enhance their data-driven initiatives. 


  • PhD  or Master's degree in a Computer Science, Statistics, Mathematics, Engineering or equivalent.

  • At least three years of practical experience in data analysis and statistical modeling.

  • Proficiency in deep learning techniques and Natural Language Processing (NLP), specifically with Large Language Models and Generative AI.

  • Strong communication abilities, adept at conveying intricate technical concepts to non-technical audiences.

  • Demonstrated history of problem-solving and delivering creative solutions within a collaborative setting.


  • Salary: $130,000 - $150,000

  • 10% annual bonus

  • Comprehensive benefits package.

If this sounds like the role for you, apply now in the link below or email your resume directly to for consideration. 

Senior Machine Learning Scientist
Location: Dublin,Ireland

Are you a Data or ML Scientist excited by the idea of building large scale 
conversational AI systems? 
Or Researching and developing the next generation of AI systems to solve complex business use cases?

If yes then check out the below:

While not yet industry leading, my client is taking on the giants of today in Conversational and CX AI. 

How? by playing to their strengths; taking bigger risks, thinking more long-term and differentiating with AI. They have a clear vision for the future & are able to move at high speeds. 

Now scaling their Machine Learning team this person will be 
a key contributor in not only the Research and Development ML solutions but also how they use ML , Deep Learning and NLP systems to solve their customers problems. 

What's in it for you? 
  • Base salary from €110k - €140k plus RSU's
  • Health and dental insurance
  • Breakfast and lunch provided every weekday
  • Open vacation policy and flexible holidays
  • Work at the edge of AI innovation like LLMs, NLP, Deep Learning
  • Relocation and Visa Support is also available

Sounds good? 

Check the below to see how to be successful in this role:

As a Senior ML Scientist you will be expected to have spent at least 5+ years:

  • Building and shipping ML systems into production
  • Solving complex business problems with Machine Learning products
  • A/B testing is second nature to you
  • Technically Leading Data Science or ML projects
  • Researching, selecting and building ML models to solve business use cases
  • Come from a "shipping products" environment ideally from companies building outward facing products. 
Additionally you will have experienced the building of large language models or similar technologies like NLP , Deep Learning to solve complex text based problems.

If you think you could thrive in this role get in touch to discuss further via apply or drop me an email at

Our client is a global healthcare organization and they are hiring a talented Data Scientist to join their Data & Analytics team in Dublin. The successful candidate will leverage their expertise in AI, data analytics and data visualisation to provide data-driven solutions for the company. 


  • As the Data Scientist, you will be responsible to analyse and transform various types of data using both local and cloud tools for AI and machine learning models.

  • You will design, explore and construct scalable data solutions from source systems to the presentation layer using data modeling and machine learning principles.

  • Develop data and software solutions to ensure robust and automated deployment of AI/ML services for everyday business use.

  • Provide maximum customer value while minimizing costs.

  • Stay updated on technology, data science and business trends in the pharmaceutical industry, as well as offer recommendations on emerging AI/ML trends and applications.


  • Bachelor’s degree in a relevant IT or natural sciences discipline.

  • Proficient in machine learning, artificial neural networks, natural language processing and robotic process automation.

  • Strong background in statistics and statistical analysis.

  • Experienced with various data storage technologies, including data warehouses, data lakes, graph databases, NoSQL and clustering.

  • Advanced skills in data wrangling, analysis and visualisation.

  • Mature software engineering skills, encompassing code development, optimisation and maintenance.

  • Skilled in cloud services, including serverless computing and machine learning tools.


  • Excellent salary

  • Comprehensive benefits package

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Our client is a forward-thinking IT Services company dedicated to transforming time management and they are hiring a Data Scientist to join their data team on a remote basis. The successful candidate will serve as one of the founding members of the team, contributing significantly to shaping the company's direction by implementing strong data practices and infrastructure.


  • As the Data Scientist, you will coordinate with partner teams to align with operational metrics for peak performance.

  • You will be responsible for conducting in-depth analysis and research to drive company growth.

  • Implement experimentation and machine learning methods for optimization.

  • Contribute to data infrastructure and adopting best practices for enhanced team efficiency.

  • Evaluate feature releases and usage trends.

  • Enhance data modeling and reporting capabilities.


  • At least three years of experience working in data science, quantitative research or analytics.

  • Mastery of SQL, Python, applied statistics, causal inference and machine learning.

  • Robust business acumen and adeptness in conveying intricate concepts clearly.

  • Excellent communication skills with leadership and mentorship attributes.

  • Proactive and solution-driven mindset towards problem-solving.


  • Salary: $160,000 to $200,000 DOE

  • Comprehensive benefits package

  • Stock options

Interested? Apply now in the link below or email your CV directly to for consideration. 

Our client are a Series A startup within the Generative AI space and they are hiring a Director of Engineering to join the team. Backed by one of the leading venture capital firms in the industry, this is an exciting opportunity to join a SaaS company that is revolutionizing their industry.


  • Lead and mentor a team of engineers, help foster a culture of innovation and collaboration

  • Develop and execute the technical strategy

  • Oversee the entire software development lifecycle, from requirements gathering – design – implementation – testing and deployment

  • Collaborate with cross functional teams to ensure the successful delivery of high-quality solutions

  • Establish and maintain best practices around engineering including methodologies and processes

  • Drive the use of new technologies and tools to enhance the teams capabilities

  • Provide technical leadership and guidance to the engineering team, promoting professional growth and development


  • Proven track record of successfully leading engineering teams in B2B SaaS Environments preferably in government contracting or AI/ML

  • Strong technical background in software development and cloud technologies

  • Strong leadership experience with the ability to build and lead high performing teams

  • Proficient in agile development methodologies and tools

  • Bachelors degree in computer science

  • Experience with Gen AI and LLM’s

  • Familiarity with government contracting space would be an advantage

  • US Citizen with the ability to pass federal background checks


  • Salary up to $250k + stock options

  • Comprehensive healthcare plan

  • Fully remote / office based depending on preference (US only)

If you are interested in this opportunity and think you have the necessary skills and experience, please apply with a copy of your resume. 

Our client, positioned at the forefront of generative artificial intelligence, is spearheading the transformation of the government sector. They are hiring a Generative AI Researcher/Developer to spearhead their initiatives in harnessing generative AI and large language models (LLMs) to drive revolutionary solutions within government relations.


  • As a Generative AI Researcher/Developer, you will perform thorough research on advancements in generative AI and LLMs, pinpointing opportunities for integration.

  • You will be responsible to create and deploy generative AI models and algorithms to augment platform functionalities.

  • Collaborate across functions to convert research discoveries into scalable solutions.

  • Fine-tune AI-driven systems to ensure optimal performance, reliability and security.

  • Remain abreast of emerging trends in generative AI to enhance platform development.


  • Master's or Ph.D. degree in Computer Science, AI or similar.

  • Demonstrated track record in the development and implementation of generative AI models and algorithms.

  • Proficiency in programming languages such as Python, as well as frameworks like TensorFlow and PyTorch.

  • Sound understanding of NLP, machine learning and deep learning methodologies.

  • Familiarity with OpenAI/AzureAI APIs, Vector Databases, and frameworks such as LangChain, LangSmith, and Llama Index.

  • Knowledge of government processes and regulations is advantageous.

  • Must be a U.S. citizen with the capability to pass Federal Background Check and Identity Verification.


  • Competitive salary with stock options.

  • Health insurance for you and your family.

Interested? Apply now in the link below or email your resume directly to for consideration.