EU Outlines 7 Key Steps For Developing Trustworthy AI

AI ethics is currently one of the most hotly debated topics regarding all emerging technologies.  The rise of AI has prompted concerns surrounding employment rights, bias and even basic human rights. Ensuring trustworthy AI is key to the technologies future for good.

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Personal Data: How The Perception Has Changed in 2019

In 2018, Facebook was embroiled in one of the biggest controversies of the year with the Cambridge Analytica scandal, in which the personal data of 50 million Facebook users had their rights violated. Continue reading

3 Amazing Ways AI Could Help Mental Health in Ireland

In terms of mental health, Ireland ranks joint third out of  36 European countries with some 18.5 per cent of the Irish population recorded as having a mental health disorder.

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AI in Action E03: Peter Voss, Founder, CEO & Chief Scientist at AGI Innovations &

Welcome to episode 3 of AI in Action, the podcast that breaks down the hype and explores the impact that Data Science, Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence are making on our everyday lives. Continue reading