3 Ways Biometric Technology Is Changing Our Daily Lives

Technology is constantly surging ahead, even our smartphones are capable of things now that five years ago was unimaginable, or at the very least unrealistic. 

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AI in Action Berlin April recap

We had another fantastic AI in Action Berlin meetup this past Wednesday evening, as it was a packed house at Project A Ventures with top speakers giving their best insights into the AI and Data Science landscape in the German capital.

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AI in Action Berlin March 2019 Recap

It was a packed house at GetYourGuide in Berlin this past Wednesday evening, as our guests were treated to three excellent presentations from some of Germany’s best minds in AI, Data Science and Machine Learning. Continue reading

Artificial Intelligence – 3 Key Advancements for 2019

Artificial Intelligence was everywhere in 2018 and don’t expect the hype to die down over the next 12 months with the coming year’s advancements and innovation to bring about huge fundamental changes to a wide range of industries.

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Will a Robot Steal my Job?

Will a robot take your job? Will artificial intelligence serve us or does it have the potential to wipe humankind from the face of the earth? Chief Customer Officer at Alldus Mark Kelly talks ‘machine learning’ and the rise of the robots.
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